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7 Inspirational Benefits Of Traveling Alone

It occurred to me to write an article about traveling alone because I realized that, during the course of this trip when I shared photos on social networks, I received some particular messages that encouraged me to break the paradigm that traveling alone is boring, weird or antisocial.

Well, what do I tell you … Certain relatives and friends of mine asked me first who I had gone with, and when I told them that I was alone, they questioned me if I was going to visit a gallant there, that if I was not afraid to throw myself so why didn’t I invite them, etc.

You don’t know … Reactions of all kinds that I really did not expect because for me it was nothing from another world to set up a trip alone to get away from the city, reconnect with myself and have a different travel adventure than the previous ones.

Surely, you also know people who would never travel alone and who cannot understand why other freaks like me do it … I know that traveling with someone has its advantages and is a lot of fun, but I swear to you that a trip without company is also one of the best gifts that you can get to give yourself for the reasons that I will talk to you next:

1. Helps you get to know yourself better

When you travel alone or alone you have the time and space necessary to relax, clear up and connect with yourself or yourself.

We all have that internal battery that with the routine and the multiple issues of the day to day is unloaded and makes us feel without energy, apathetic and with a humor … let’s say not so favorable. Traveling alone or alone allows you to really rest and recharge yourself with energy and good vibes.

The best way to get into yourself and get to know yourself on a deeper level is precisely to disconnect from everything else and focus on yourself. Just in you. A trip for this purpose will be a gem to learn more about yourself while having fun and growing as a person.

Those moments of introspection that you will have throughout the journey will help you find the answers you are looking for and realize what is really important to you and what you expect from life. In other words, it is ideal to channel, once and for all, those existential questions that come to haunt us all at some point in our lives.

2. It gives you total freedom and independence to do what you want

I think, to tell the truth, this is the best part because when you travel alone you don’t depend on anyone else to make decisions and do what you want, when you want, how you want . You do not need to discuss or negotiate it with third parties.

This means that you can devour as many books as you want, design your plans without anyone questioning or opposing them, and wake up (or go to sleep) whenever you want.

Surely it has already happened to you that when you travel with a partner, friends or family you have to half stick to the times and rhythms that they carry, and if you wanted to go a little out of their plan to take a nap, let’s say, it may not be so well seen … So an unaccompanied trip will be a trip where you won’t have the burden of having to look good with others.

The only possible drama that you experience is the one that you do to yourself – that I hope you do not suffer from the “impostor syndrome” and you start thinking about things from the past or future and rather you are 100% in the PRESENT enjoying your travel and those moments that will never return.

3. You meet new and interesting people

Another advantage of traveling alone is that, by not being in your comfort zone within your little bubble of friends or family, you will have to communicate, interact and meet new local and foreign people.

This is something that will make you grow a lot as a person because it will lead you to strengthen your social and communication skills, giving you the opportunity, not only to make new friends, but to get to know other cultures, languages ??and mentalities different from yours.

It is like giving us the opportunity to live new experiences and discover new worlds. Amazing, right?

In fact, others are more likely to approach you to socialize if you go alone than if you are accompanied or with a group of people.

Among the activities you plan for your trip, you can sign up for group tours or excursions where you will surely meet interesting people and have a good time. And the best thing is that they will take all the photos you want ??

4. Increase your self-esteem

Launching yourself to an unknown place by yourself without an established social network makes you have to forge your own path and learn to fend for yourself, which translates into a boost in confidence and self-esteem .

That sense of accomplishment is truly transformative and as the journey goes on you will feel more empowered.

5. Promotes better problem solving

The fact of not having anyone close to you to solve the difficulties you face on the trip will make you take a proactive role and turn the squirrel to solve possible problems that arise and exercise your autonomy to make decisions.

The foregoing makes us stronger and more prepared people to face the constant challenges that we face in this long journey that we call life.

6. Stimulate your creativity

Another great benefit of traveling alone is that it allows you to experience a unique source of inspiration in which the most creative ideas will flow as your mind clears and changes your environment.

You can take time to think about creative projects and unleash your imagination. Believe me, the best souvenir you will return from your trip with will be with a great idea .

7. Help make you happier

Research has shown that taking vacations has the potential to increase our levels of happiness . And along with this, spending time alone has also proven to be a good antidote to depression. So now you know, going on vacation alone or alone can help you improve your personal well-being.

What do you think of these benefits of traveling alone? Have you done it before?

Perhaps now it makes a little more sense that there are people who enjoy traveling alone as much as we enjoy traveling with someone; because both cases are unique and very enriching experiences.

Let’s normalize the fact of taking a trip in our honor to clear ourselves, recharge ourselves with energy and reconnect with ourselves; three key aspects to fully develop as people, so it should not be feared or seen as an unusual event.

One Hoolie Mama