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A Nice Gift For Mom That The Kids Can Make

I have a great idea in this post to prepare a nice and relaxing gift for Mom, especially on such an important day for her. Some bath salts with your favorite color and aroma. They are sure to love them, and with how easy they are to make, even Dad will want others. And the ladies too, that when the well-deserved rest comes, we have to relax to recharge our batteries and be 100% again and give all the love in the world to our little ones while we teach them letters, numbers and so many other things they learn. at school.

To Prepare Them We Only Need These Ingredients:

  • A clear plastic container
  • Coarse salt
  • Food coloring.
  • Essential oils of the aroma that we have chosen.

Making them is as easy as putting the coarse salt in a bowl and adding the food coloring. Then we mix until we get the desired color. When we have the tone, we add a few drops of the chosen essential oil and mix with a wooden spoon. The amount that is needed is in this proportion, for 200 grams of coarse salt add about 10-12 drops of essential oil.

And they are ready!! Now we just have to find a nice bottle, decorate it to our liking and fill it with the fantastic bath salts.

If we have leftovers, we can store them in a self-closing plastic bag.

Here Are Some Of The Properties Of Essential Oils:

Lavender: Relaxing, helps to fall asleep, relieves headaches.
Marjoram: Relaxing and sedative, helps against insomnia.
Naranjo: It is a mild tranquilizer. Ideal to relieve nervous tension and insomnia.
Chamomile: Soothing, helps to fall asleep, calms tension and anxiety, ideal for improving dry skin.

So now you know, for mom to relax for a little while and get this great prize, we must choose essential oils with soothing properties such as lavender, sandalwood, chamomile or orange tree. With two or three tablespoons in the bath you can enjoy a relaxing aromatic bath.

With this activity you will be working on various didactic objectives while preparing that nice detail for someone in the family. The senses of both touch and smell, when touching salt, mixing it, handling it, smelling it. You can smell it and experiment with different aromas, thus working the sense of smell as well. Let’s not forget the colors, when choosing your favorite color, you can even make mixtures to obtain new colors with the colorants that you have. Make a list of the things that are needed to do this activity, you will also work on literacy. The work of eye-manual coordination to be able to fill the jar with a spoon full of salts, etc. You see that there are many activities that you can do with the realization of this small project. Children learn and go home happy with a very nice detail. What more can we ask for?

One Hoolie Mama