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Hey my name is Ivy Jones. I’m a mon of two girls and a fluffy cat.

I live in a small town in Georgia with my husband and we all love it here. I was born in a small town in Texas and grew up there. It was only a few years ago when I moved to Georgia because of job relocation and that’s where I met Simon, the man in my life and wonderful husband.

I have absolutely adored raising my girls. Although they are still young, teenagers now, I feel I have learned so much about parenting and life skills over the years, so I decided to do something about the knowledge that I had gained. After a couple of years of debating about it I plucked up the motivation to start blogging. The content I write about is generally to do with kids, parenting, issues about the home and family as well as any other lifestyle topic and subject you can think of.

In this blog, I aim to discuss a extensive range of subjects that might range from schooling tips as well as articles about how to get rid of knee pain and even broader articles about how to fit an electric shower as well as articles about how to cook steak. So yes, it’s a really diverse range and broad-spectrum of content.

I started my blog as a hobby in the beginning, however, since then it has gone on to bring me in some additional income that has financed me to be able to drop my job to a part-time schedule and go on to blog more frequently.

My website’s purpose is to inspire my readers and to pass on knowledge that I’ve gained over the years. I believe wholeheartedly that striving for knowledge in life can empower you to achieve a lot of what you want in life. I believe that educating yourself across a range of subjects will provide that all important balance in life and place you on a better, more successful, fulfilled path in life.

I hope you get a lot out of my blog as I publish more great content.

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