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Gifts For Father's Day Using Recycled Materials

When special holidays approach such as Father’s or Mother’s Day, children go crazy to find the ideal gift made with their own hands. It is an ideal time to teach them to take advantage of recycled materials, and to unleash their imagination.

There are many crafts that can be done at home taking advantage of old things, without spending money, and that will make anyone smile. The key? A little patience and a lot of love. This way you will get some of the most original gifts for Father’s Day.

Can’t think of any ideas about what to do with the children this year to prepare gifts for Father’s Day with recycled materials? Let’s see some ideas that can help you:

  • A case for glasses, made from old fabrics.
  • A case for your office supplies, which can be made from cardboard or EVA rubber.
  • A cushion cover painted by children.
  • Some vouchers to exchange for pampering or housework in which the little ones can help.

Handmade Message In A Bottle For Father’s Day 2021

What a great idea! Dad is sure to love this idea, especially since we know how important recycling is. What will you think when you arrive at your office or room, and you find a lot of messages of affection in a bottle? Well, you will surely love it.

This time we can feel like castaways on a desert island, putting messages in the bottles and waiting for someone to read them. In this case, dad will be in charge of receiving them, yes, you don’t have to ask for help, just tell him how much we love him.

We take advantage of the bottles of wine that we have at home, we wash them well with soap inside. Then, with a long wire, we make a spiral at the end, we bend it into a ā€œVā€ shape, and we introduce it into the bottle. Now we just have to write a nice message to dad and place it inside the spiral. You are sure to love it.

Handmade Coasters For Father’s Day 2021

A very useful and practical gift to avoid scratching the table with glasses. It is very easy to make coasters and 100% created with recycled materials. In this case, it is about using old magazines that we have at home. If we also take as a basis a lid from an empty glass jar, we will have created a useful object from two old objects.

It is simply a matter of taking sheets of magazine paper and rolling them up, when we have the diameter of the lid of the fraco, we introduce it inside and that’s it. A very useful and practical gift ideal to give on Father’s Day.

Handmade Keychain For Father’s Day 2021

And to make it easier for you, we bring some examples with images. Like this first example, a keychain made with keys from an old keyboard. The perfect recycled materials Father’s Day gift for tech geeks.

Handmade Desk Organizer For Father’s Day 2021

But your children may be too young to do something like that, so we bring you simpler ideas to make. For example, this organizer for pens and office supplies. They can leave it at home or take it to the office and always remember their children.

It’s made out of matchboxes and rolls of kitchen paper and toilet paper. You just need to glue all the elements on a cardboard base and use your imagination to cut it out.

Handmade Photo Frames For Father’s Day 2021

And finally, one of our favorites: the personalized puzzle. In the next section we will see how to make this type of gifts for Father’s Day with recycled materials step by step.

Making a puzzle for Father’s Day is a very original gift, and it can be especially emotional if you know how to choose the image you are going to use well. In addition, it is made with recycled materials and does not require more investment than printing the photograph.

It is a very simple gift to make, requiring little time and dedication. Of course, you have to use a cutter, so children should not do it alone. Help them and supervise their work to avoid possible problems.

What materials do you need?

  • The main photograph of the puzzle.
  • Flat ice cream sticks, enough to cover the whole picture.
  • Glue stick or white glue.
  • Cutter.

Optional: paint and plastic liner (we’ll see what for later).
The first step is to align all the popsicle sticks, until you have a large enough surface. Then, apply the white glue or glue on them, and place the photograph on top. Be careful to place it well stretched, avoiding wrinkles. You can wipe it over to finish smoothing it.

When it has dried well, you can turn the whole over, and carefully separate each stick with a utility knife. It will be better if you round the photo to the edge of the sticks, so that it does not protrude. It is better that the sticks stick out to the paper, since this way the photograph will not be spoiled.

So what were the paint and plastic liner for? These are not required steps, but you will get a better finish. With paint, before starting the work, you can paint the sticks to make it more original. All the same or different colors. And the plastic lining is to stick it on top of the image, thus protecting it and preventing it from being easily damaged.

Another gift that is very popular are Father’s Day photo frames made from recycled materials. For example, for wine lovers you can build a frame with wine bottle corks. A very personalized and original gift.

Depending on how big the image to be framed is, you can use more or less corks. Let your imagination fly! Returning to the idea of recycling ice cream sticks, you can also make photo frames for Father’s Day with this material. You just have to paint the sticks and glue them making a square, so in the middle you can place the image you want.

And one of the classics among the little ones, the crafts with fresh pasta. You can create a photo frame for Father’s Day with a cardboard or wood on which you paste all the pasta that fits, in different ways. When it is well dry you can paint it with spray paint, to give a uniform image.

Kids will love spray painting, it’s a lot of fun and an activity they don’t usually do.

Greeting Cards For Father’s Day 2021

In addition to gifts for Father’s Day, it is also a date when greeting cards or postcards are often given. And you can also do this with recycled material.

For example, if the father in question likes music a lot, you can make him a greeting card in the shape of a CD or vinyl. You can create the cover by taking advantage of old newspapers and magazines and cutting out the letters. And on the disc you can write the personalized greeting, as song titles.

And with pieces of cardboard or EVA rubber you can create this other type of postcard in the shape of a shirt. It is ideal for those parents who usually wear suits. The only most difficult part is the neck, because you have to do the folds well, but the rest are overlapping pieces of cardboard or rubber.

On the back you can write the dedication and the love phrases that the children want to include.

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