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How to Create a Great Environment in Your Garden

Prepare the exterior for summering in the garden

How space should be used

If the space is small, such as a backyard, then prioritize. It may be preferred, for example, to have primarily a dining area that serves as expansion space for the room. In addition, if the interior and exterior are going to be fused by a complete and fluid intercommunication, it will be necessary to consider giving importance to the pavement, more than to the ground areas, so that maintenance is not a complication (or a torment). In this case, the vegetation will be delimited by means of flowerbeds and tree pits.

  • Larger spaces: if you want to take full advantage of the plot, you must have areas in full sun and shaded areas, preferably vegetables that are much cooler. A new, more detailed zoning will help you determine what will go in the sunny areas and the treatment of shaded areas.

If it is essential to have a porch or semi-covered waterproof area, its location is the first thing to decide. Keep it in mind to give proportion to a long and narrow plot, since placing it at the bottom of it, you will widen the remaining space.

Adjust measurements with the distribution. The idea of ​​the distribution project is to assign each zone the proper scale and location. To have a good time at home, you need to have those things that make you happy abroad, such as a covered patio with patio screens, a shaded area for hammocks, landscaping that can be enjoyed from all points, a barbecue, a comfortable space for relaxation or the possibility of having a swimming pool.

  • Outdoor dining rooms: The ideal would be to have several places to eat, have an aperitif, have breakfast or dinner. If you only have space for one table, you have to choose a place to suit everyone. It will also depend on the climate of the area. That is why it is convenient, if your table is in an open space, to complement the area with a large parasol, to think about the possibility of installing a sail with tensors or perhaps a pergola with deciduous plants.

To adjust the space, you should dedicate to the table a little more. You could place it in a corner and equip the angle with benches. If you have more surface area, diversify the meeting points that can be equipped with a table. On the porch, for example, you can have a set for lunch and dinner. On the other hand, for breakfast, a snack or an appetizer, look for special corners. The table can be made of resistant materials such as aluminum or galvanized or oxidized iron. It can also be a wooden bench with a low table or auxiliary support created from logs.

  • Spaces to relax and chat: This space, if it is well equipped, we will not regret spending the summer at home. The place you choose should be one that you really enjoy. It can be a viewing terrace from which you can hang while watching a sunset, the surrounding landscape or a more intimate space within the garden.

If it is for the summer, to have lunch or take a nap, it would be good if it faced north or if it was very ventilated. They are very useful to close the side of a plot or to finish off the bottom of a plot of land that you want to give privacy.

There you can have armchairs, sun loungers and sofas made of teak or polyethylene, for example, so that you don’t have to move them when the weather gets worse. It is convenient to give them a soft touch with cushions and mats of different sizes. Another magnificent complement for relaxation are the hammocks and hanging chairs in fabric, mesh or fiber. If you do not have trees, you can choose a model with a suspension structure included.

Relaxation spaces such as “chill out” are being imposed. You can organize them with canopy beds, with puffs, with built-in benches or on platforms created on wild grass, for example, with a cantilevered wooden structure. To protect yourself from the sun, a structure made of natural trunks and heather, a kiosk with good views of the pool or the landscape, or a tarpaulin stall can help.

Spaces for barbecues: Another essential corner to enjoy the outdoors are the barbecues. On cool summer nights, also look at the possibility of installing an outdoor fireplace or a model that will serve you for both tasks. Barbecue designs currently contemplate all cases, so that they can be incorporated in gardens and on balconies, next to the pool, on the terrace of an attic or in a chill out area.

It is essential to select the equipment according to the climate and the real use that is going to be given to it. If it is a place where it usually rains, it will be convenient for you to have portable equipment that you can install under the porch.

Another possibility is to have a fixed hearth within the same porch. So that you can also use it as a fireplace. If you have enough free space away from the combustion zones, you can choose a model made of sheet steel with a hood or protected by two or three high sides. Another option to wood fire for a fireplace is bioethanol. It does not produce odor and is housed in a closed compartment.

Working in the garden: For some it is the best way to enjoy the outdoors. So, if you can, reserve a sunny area within your outdoor space to create a vegetable garden. It can also be integrated into the garden as an ornamental and productive vegetable garden and complemented with a greenhouse, in which it is also ideal to have a space for a bench and side table.

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