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How To Make A DIY Decorative Staircase

Did you know that stairs are an element that can give you a lot of play in decorating your home? In addition to aesthetically decorating a room, it also provides us with a functional space for organization. We show you How to make a DIY decorative staircase so that you save while decorating.

How To Make A Decorative Staircase Step By Step

With just a few materials you can get a decorative staircase that will give you a lot of utility to display on it or store different things. A decorative staircase, as we will see later, can serve as a shelf.

You can have a decorative staircase recycling an old staircase that is at home or that you buy in a market. You can also take an offer or look at the homes of family and friends who have a ladder left over that they don’t use and decorate it to your liking. Or you can just grab some wooden slats and a few more supplies and get down to business building your decorative stairs yourself.

How to do it? It is very simple, possibly more than you think and, in addition, in this post we are going to show you step by step how to make a decorative staircase. But first, take note of the materials that we will use for such a DIY.

You will have to buy some wooden slats that are of different size and thickness, because of these we will make the structure and the steps of our staircase. Also, you will need to have a hot glue gun on hand. You can also use some paint, the color that you like the most or that best combines with the decoration you want to accompany. And, of course, a brush to paint.

Do you already have it all? Well, let’s get down to it by following these steps that we will explain to you.

First: Think about the height and width you want your stair to be. Take the measurements well and once you have them, cut the wooden slats for this purpose. For example, a measurement that is very good is 1.60 meters with 35-centimeter steps.

Second: Once you have the slats cut, it is time to paint. Find a color that you like and that goes well for the place where your staircase will go and its purpose. Paint and let the paint dry well.

Third: It is time to take the subway. Now you have to measure the distance between the steps and mark the place where they will go on the slats, so that they are well placed and straight.

Fourth: Glue the steps with hot silicone.

Fifth: The ladder is ready. Now let both the silicone and the paint dry well and you can place it where you want and start putting things on it.

That said, also think that it is your staircase, so you can customize it however you want, as well as make it with the type of wood or material you prefer. Logically, wood is the easiest material to work with, but there are many different types of wood.

Finish off the task by giving it a coat of varnish so that the ladder is protected.

What To Put On A Decorative Staircase

On a decorative staircase you can even put lights. Or colored scarves. You can put your ladder in different places in the house and, likewise, you can decorate it following different decorative styles, so first of all, consider where your ladder will go and what style you want to give it.

The colored lights of the Christmas tree look great on a staircase. And the same thing happens with the garlands. But you can also put many other things on some DIY stairs such as magazines, towels, tissues, books and CDs, flowerpots and even roll natural or artificial flowers between the steps and the structure of the staircase.

It is fashionable to put garlands of photos on the stairs. And it would even be very beautiful if you wanted to place candles to decorate your staircase and give it an attractive functionality.

Once again, especially when it comes to DIY, creativity should be the queen while you work on the realization of your decorative stairs. You can also stick vinyl with decorative figures to give it more charm.

How To Use A Decorative Ladder At Home

The decorative stairs have a main purpose that is simply to decorate, so you can place it wherever you want. In this sense, you have freedom of movement regarding your stairs. Now, it is also true that they are an element that, in addition to decorating, provide us with a very useful storage space. If you need it, you can use them, for example, in your bathroom to place towels, and even for your creams and beauty products. Simply study how to take advantage of the space it gives us.

You can support your ladder on the wall. Or there is another option, although in this case, your ladder must have four supports so that it remains standing.

You can use a decorative DIY ladder as a magazine rack or as a shoe rack, placing your magazines or your shoes neatly in it.

Another alternative is to place a light bulb or luminaire and use it as a portable lamp, very useful if you have a garden or a large terrace.

Another interesting use of a decorative ladder is as a base structure to create a vertical garden with your favorite plants.

In a youth room or office, you can use it to place papers, pencil holders and other office supplies in it. And there are even those who use the decorative staircase to make a coat rack at the entrance for when visitors arrive who can leave their outerwear.

In the nursery, the decorative ladder can be used to place your diapers and clothes or hygiene products. As long as you are careful that the ladder is well secured if your baby can crawl or walk. In this case, decorate with vinyl and children’s motifs.

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