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How To Make A Gift Voucher For Father's Day

Have you noticed that Father’s Day is just around the corner? It’s time to start thinking about what to get her, especially if you have young children who need help with their crafts. Therefore, a gift voucher for Father’s Day can be a great idea.

Sometimes thinking about what to give can be a problem and it is that we all have so many things that it is difficult to get it right! Also, if the children have been making crafts for several years, surely you can’t think of what else to do.

Better to have more experiences than to have more things, right? And this type of gift can include a lot of happy moments that the father will always treasure in his memory. That’s why today we are going to help you create a fantastic and original Father’s Day gift voucher.

How To Make A Gift Voucher For Father’s Day

This type of gift admits any type of format, shape, design or idea that you can think of. As it is not a physical gift as such, but rather the graphic representation of something much greater, there are no limits to making a gift voucher for Father’s Day.

The most common is to see them in the form of a stub or check. A rectangular format, decorated with a design according to the tastes of the father, and with space to write what is given to the father in question.

But do not limit yourself. That this is the most common does not mean that it is the only way to do it. Something that children really like is creating vouchers in the form of stickers. So they can put them anywhere, even complementing other gifts.

You can create several and place them around the house as a gymkhana. In addition to being a good gift, you will already have the first experience. You can think of games or tests that will lead to the next voucher. And it will be something participatory for the whole family!

And another idea that we have found very original is to include the gift voucher for Father’s Day in a paper kite. Thus, in each tab there will be a different prize. The father will choose which number he wants to display, and below he will have his surprise. It is a very simple but tremendously original and fun craft.

Materials To Make A Gift Voucher For Father’s Day

When choosing the materials to make a gift voucher for Father’s Day there is nothing written. The selection depends on what you want to achieve. What is your final idea? That will help you know what you need to use.

You can print designs from the Internet or create them from scratch by hand. In this case, you will need a support for the voucher: paper, cardboard, cardboard … Something to print, paint, paste, cut, etc. on.

Also, whether it is a printed model or a manual model, decoration is welcome! Therefore, it is time to take out all the craft supplies. Markers, pencils, paints, glitter, stickers … Everything you can think of can be used to complete a gift as emotional as the gift voucher for Father’s Day.

And if you choose to make a whole checkbook of vouchers, something that looks great is joining them with washi tape. Today it is easy to find in any stationery and craft store. There are many different types of washi tape, so you are sure to find one that fits the style you are looking for.

If the children are very young, you will want to avoid using scissors, staples or anything else that could harm themselves. That is why this type of decorated adhesive tape can be very useful to join different pieces. Even if it’s just for decoration.

Designs To Make A Gift Voucher For Father’s Day

Although the options are many, we are not going to leave you in front of this task without more information. We bring you a few examples of options you can make to get a fantastic gift voucher. From the most traditional ideas to others that will require a bit more work but are very original.

Create A Gift Voucher In Envelopes

If you are looking for simplicity and originality, there is nothing as simpler than our next proposal. A simple but very practical way to give dad a voucher that he can exchange any day he wants for its content. In this case, our little one will be the creator of the gift since their collaboration is needed in every way.

In this case, it is about creating a gift voucher album, the idea can be presented in a notebook or simply on a large card.

Since we are going to use card envelopes for its presentation, yes, in different colors, we will need cards that are the same color as the envelope. In these cards it will be where our little one makes the gift voucher for Father’s Day. This will allow you to use your imagination to create representative pictures of the gift.

Lastly, the vouchers are put in the envelopes, each one in its own color, and they are pasted into a notebook or large cardboard.

Create A Gift Voucher In A Light Bulb

If we want to give dad a very original gift, we can give him some vouchers to exchange with a very cool presentation. As we see in the image, we will only have to empty a light bulb and insert the gift vouchers rolled up and tied with a rubber band.

To do this you just have to empty an old light bulb, our little one can develop all his imagination in the design of the voucher. A very original gift that you are sure to love.

Create A Gift Voucher On A Postcard

The first of these ideas is to create the voucher on a postcard or greeting card. One part decorated to congratulate you on the day and another, the one inside, with the specification of the gift. Although it is simple, it is a good way to surprise you. You may think it is just a congratulation, but it will include a gift!

Create A Gift Voucher In A Box

Another option is to choose a more obvious gift wrap. You can create a box in which to put the voucher and wrap it as a gift. With kraft paper and that type of decoration so fashionable you can achieve a beautiful finish with which you will enjoy from the first moment.

And for those who believe that a gift voucher for Father’s Day is not enough: the complete checkbook! You can create several tickets and put them all in a folder or cover. Or create the front and back covers that specify what’s inside. You will be able to start vouchers as you use them. A very complete gift!

Create A Scratch-Off Gift Voucher

And finally, one of the ideas that we liked the most. The scratch card gift voucher. This option will take more time and effort, but the finish will be most surprising. To make a scratch card gift voucher you must laminate the ticket you make. The design can be of the type you want, but you must define the areas in which you explain the possible gifts.

Once you have finished the gift voucher, you laminate it with book cover. On top of the plastic, you paint with a dark tempera or whiteboard marker until you completely cover the gift options that you have written before. And now, wait … You have to let it dry well.

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