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How To Make a Tulle Garland

1. Cut out a cardboard doughnut approximately 6″ across. The larger the doughnut, the larger the pompom will be. (You can also create a large pompom to hang on it’s own with this method, using a 12″ cardboard cutout).

2. Place a ribbon or string around the hole. The purpose of this is to tie up the center of the pompom at the end.

3. Buy 6″ wide spools of tulle (25 yards long) at the fabric store, and wrap half the spool around the doughnut as shown.

4. Once wrapped, cut the outer edge of the circle.

5. Tie the ribbon/string tight in the center, and pull the pompom out of the circle.

6. String a ribbon through the pompoms and hang.

7. It’s as simple as that! These are great for decorating parties, retail displays or children’s bedrooms & playrooms. Have fun with it and enjoy!

One Hoolie Mama