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How to Play Disc Golf

Disc golf is played like traditional golf. But instead of using balls and sticks, players throw a Frisbee, and instead of holes, baskets with chains to make it easier to catch the Frisbee or disc.

The sport was formally created in the 1970s. The object of the game is, like golf, to shoot the puck from basket to hole (hole to hole) using the fewest number of shots possible.

How is it played?

The game begins with the disc golfer throwing the disc toward the “Pole Hole” or metal basket as a target. Consecutive throws are made, always since he has stopped the previous shot until the disc is inside the basket. The orography and the vegetation constitute the natural obstacles of the course.

Like golf?

Disc golf is very similar to golf as there is a bag for holding your discs and carrying golf sticks and has the same challenges, whether it’s making a long putt, being forced to shoot out of a bush or around a tree in the middle of the fairway. However, there are some important differences from golf. The practice of disc golf is free and it is not necessary to rent, for example, a cart. The fields are generally found in public parks, open to all types of users and at all hours of the day. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, young or old, you will always have a disc golf course at your disposal.

A sport for everyone

The sport of disc golf can become a lifelong hobby. It attracts both young people and adults and is also practiced among disabled people. It is easy to learn and does not exclude any type of person. Many of the people who play Disc golf also play Ultimate and vice versa.

There are fields in 20 countries of the world. In the USA and Canada, more than 1,300 facilities of this type have already been built. This type of facility also exists in a large part of the European continent: Finland (250), Sweden (134), Norway (50), Denmark (45), Germany (54), United Kingdom (26), France (25), Switzerland (19), Austria (9), Czech Republic (9), Netherlands (6), Belgium (5), Hungary (4), Estonia (4), Iceland (4), Poland (3), Ireland (2), Lithuania (1) and Russia (1).

Why play disc golf? 

Currently, more and more people participate in recreational activities to improve their health and quality of life. The sport of disc golf combines motor skills, physical condition and mental training. Another advantage of disc golf is that its practice does not imply great expenses. Discs are cheap and a round of disc golf is free since the courses are in public parks. Plus, it’s fun. Try it, it’s the sport of the future.

Tips for Beginners

  • It uses a disc specifically designed for disc golf. Learn to throw with a golf disc. At first, you don’t need more than a couple.
  • Take a friend with you. It’s more fun to play with other people.
  • Don’t expect to play like a pro from the start. Remember you need to train to get results. All the players have been beginners.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for advice. Every disc golfer likes to see new faces. The local club players are looking forward to helping you.
  • Have fun! The best thing about disc golf is to relax, have fun and enjoy nature.
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