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How To Prepare Your Garden For A Family Dinner

We have to admit that this is being a somewhat strange and peculiar summer. The coronavirus is not letting us enjoy 100% of the good weather and the outdoors like we want to and we are spending more time at home.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a large terrace, you are surely spending a lot of time in it. The truth is, that with this large space, you can set up your own mini summer with your family without leaving home.

That you have dinner as usual and also, at home, does not mean that you can not do it in great detail. We are sure that with these tips, you will leave your garden unrecognizable and you will enjoy an incredible evening .

Prepare your garden

Before going into the details of decoration or furniture, it is important that we prepare the garden. It has to be gala, so if you need it, cut the grass, water it and add a new flower that gives it a new touch of color.

You will see how with this simple change, it already seems that it is taking shape .

A perfect table

The table and chairs are the key element for dinner in the garden.

If you have a porch with a tiled area , we recommend that you place the table and chairs there to avoid damaging the lawn.

To give a rustic touch to your garden, you can place a round table and some wooden chairs . And you can also add colorful cushions to the chairs that contrast with the green of the lawn or with one of your flowers.

Once you have the table and chairs chosen and placed in place, it is time to start preparing the decoration .

You can start by placing a white tablecloth or a sheet if you do not have to contrast with the centerpieces that you are going to place.

For the centerpieces , there are different alternatives. On the one hand, you can make them yourself by placing vegetables, nuts or fruits in glass jars that give a touch of color to the table.

If you prefer to buy them, you can buy ready-made flower arrangements that will give your dinner a lot of light.

And speaking of light, another of the things that can not be missing at the table for your dinner in the garden are the candles. We recommend that you choose a couple of scented candles that come with the glass and place them at the two ends of the table.

You will see how they give it a very cool cozy touch .

And finally, there is the dishes. As we have said, it is a special and different dinner, so we advise you to take out the dishes for the celebrations

A chill out area

If your garden is large, you can dedicate a little corner to create a chill out area where you can relax after dinner.

For this zone, you have several options. You can put some puffs or if you prefer some garden seats or sofas made with pallets .

Here it will depend on how handy you are or your budget, but the possibilities are endless .

A lighted garden

Light is very important , especially if we are going to spend evenings in the garden.

In addition, there is nothing more beautiful than a garden illuminated with lanterns .

It is true that in Spain they do not take much, but in the US it is a trend imposed on gardens.

Another option is to place colored LED bulbs in a row or candles in colored jars in different parts of the garden.

Don’t miss the music!

After dinner, while enjoying a beautiful evening in your chill out area, you cannot miss the music .

If you are into dancing, the decision is clear. If not, we advise you to at least put on some background music that will transport you to a terrace at the foot of the sea.

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