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Knots and the Process of Making an Oriental Rug

Knots and the process of making an oriental rug

Persian rugs or oriental rugs are one of the vital elements of Persian culture, and their making is considered an art, and as years have passed maintaining value of oriental rugs have become a challenge because the cost of the raw materials have increased. So after you read this article you’ll be able to better understand that the price they ask for them is a realistic price considering all it takes to make them.

Although its appearance dates back to the nomadic tribes of Persia -given that it was necessary to protect against winter, over the years it became a means of artistic expression.

What are oriental rugs like?

This type of rugs are characterized by their fascinating drawings. They are really beautiful and there is a great diversity of models available, which also come from different places.

Oriental rugs are those that come from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. They are made with different materials and shapes, for example, wool, silk, woven, knotted etc.

Not all oriental rugs cost the same. The explanation is simple, and it is that Persian rugs are normally made by hand using natural materials of great value, so that the client can show off the best rugs in their living rooms, corridors, entrances or rooms.

Remember that whenever buying Persian rugs, you will not be buying only a design, but also a rug with magnificent quality and designed to offer great durability.

Great value: handmade rugs

In many cases, the price difference between some Oriental rugs or Persian rugs compared to others is due to the fact that not all of them are made by hand, since this work has much more importance and value.

The manufacture of the rug can be handmade or industrial

Another aspect to take into account when talking about oriental rugs is the density of the knot itself. This will result in more ‘tight’ knots than others and more or less thick rugs. It will depend on the taste of each one to choose one type or another and the place where the rug is going to be placed: you must take into account if it will be an area of ​​high or low traffic.

To give you an idea, a 3×2 rug with a density of 500,000 knots per square meter can take around 1 year to weave (by a single weaver).

Therefore, two of the main factors that influence the price of the carpet are the density of the knots per square meter and the size.

Also, not all knots are the same, because you can choose a Persian knot, a Turkish knot, etc …

What is the difference with the kilim?

Although they may bear a special resemblance to kilim, the difference is that they are not knotted, but woven. They have less wool and therefore it takes less time to make a kilim, which makes it cheaper.

Why buy oriental rugs?

One of the main reasons is undoubtedly because of the designs. They have fascinating drawings and there are many variations, so the craftsmanship is, above all, magnificent. Moreover, there are those who decide to focus the attention of their homes on these rugs, taking them as a reference to later decorate the rest.

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