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Plants That Can Be Grown In Water That You Will Love

Although we all love flowers and plants, sometimes it is difficult to have enough space or a place to grow them. Hydroponics, or plants in water, is a new method that can be used to grow plants. It isn’t necessary to purchase land or cultivate soil. Maintenance is low and there are no pests, diseases, or harmful insects. You can grow vegetables in containers or small spaces. This is ideal for those who are on a tight schedule, travel or need to be mobile.

Cutting branches, also known as cuttings, is the best way to create a plant catalogue. Then, they are placed in a container filled with water.

Contrary to popular belief, ordinary water is not recommended. However, if you are forced to use it, let it sit for at least a day to evaporate the chlorine and not cause any harm to the plants. Rainwater or spring water is the best choice, as it has not been filtered, and contains all the nutrients and minerals that are necessary for good growth.

Here are 7 plants you can grow at home with only water

Ornamental plants

Climbing Philodendron ( Philodendron scandens )

The indoor plant is approximately 10 cm long and has heart-shaped leaves. To avoid rot, it needs to be in a bright area but not directly under sunlight.

Adam’s Rib or Ceriman ( Monstera deliciosa )

It is an endemic plant that lives on the American continent, and it is found in tropical climates. This plant’s leaves can reach 90 cm in length. This plant is resistant to high temperatures. It needs direct sunlight. Summer is the best time for it to grow.

Potos ( Epipremnum aureum )

It is a popular choice for interior and decorative plants, particularly in communal spaces like restaurants and shopping malls. It is resistant and easy to maintain, so it can tolerate intense sunlight but prefers to be in areas with indirect light. It is one of best plants to purify your environment.

Zebrina ( Tradescantia zebrina )

Because of its beautiful coloration, which reminds of a zebra, and small flowers that range from white to purple, it is one of the most desirable ornamental plants. It requires a lot light but not too much, as this can have negative effects on the leaves. They lose their color or completely dry out, and they don’t recover.

Aromatic Plants

Mint (Peppermint)

It is a perennial that can grow in any environment. This plant is extremely resistant and needs a place with minimal shade. Because of its pleasant aroma, as well as its many culinary and medicinal uses, such ease in digestion and good oral health, it’s best placed in the kitchen.

Sage ( Salvia Officinalis)

It is a perennial herb that has annual and biennial flowers. The small, blue, white, or yellow flowers are well-known in Italian gastronomy. It requires direct sunlight, and it is resistant to pests and extreme temperatures. Therefore, it needs little care and moderate pruning.

Stevia ( Stevia rebaudiana )

The natural sweetness of the leaves has seen this plant flourish in Western cuisine and daily life. They are 300 times more expensive than cane sugar, and they are also natural. It’s best to keep it in warm and humid areas, but not directly under sunlight. It is best to trim the leaves as soon as the flowers start to appear.

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